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13.01.2017Baselconcert with pieces by Scelsi
09.01.2018Baselconcert with pieces by Georges Aperghis with studeZig Bang by Georges Aperghis
08.12.2017Shanghaiconcert recherche
06.12.2017Shenzen /Chinaconcert recherche
01.12.2017Basel student concertpieces by Sarhan, Hurrel,Eötvös
29.11.2017Freiburgrecherche abo concertpieces by Grisey, Ravel
17.10.2017Viennarecherche concertTiepolo cycle by Hugues Dufourt
13.11.2017Paris festival d´automneconcert rechercheTiepolo cycle by Hugues Dufourt
10.11.2017Freiburgclasswork pieces by young composers from CH and Iswith ensemble recherche
05.10.2017Essenconcert recherche pieces by Eifrig , Bang and André
26.10.2017Freiburgconcert recherchepieces by Newski and impro
19.10.2017Donaueschingen music dayssolo concert and discussionpieces by Unsuk Chin and H.Eimermacher
18.10.2017Freiburgconcert recherchepiece by Celine Steiner
17.10.2017Freiburgrecherche abo concertpieces by Pagh Paan
06.10.2017Freiburgimpro concertwith Geraldine Keller
01.-05.10.2017Shanghaiworkshop and jury member international shanghai competition
18./19.09.2017ZürichCD Production Bartok Sonate , new and old versionBugallo/Williams and Würsch
10.09.2017Freiburgensemble academypieces by Haas and Carter
12./13.08.2017Rümlingen Schweizfestival for new musicartistic director with Lydia Jeschke
13.07.2017Alicantesolo concert Aperghis,Sarhan,Tsangaris,Schnebel
11.07.2017Pullheimsolo concert Aperghis,Eimermacher,Sarhan,Tsangaris,An
27./28.05.2017Freiburgvideo recordingsfor the book about mallets
26.06.-02.07.20FreiburgKlong school project ensemble recherche and FBOwith pupils and students
24.06.2017Baselstudent concertHochschule Basel
27./28.05.2017Freiburgvideo recordingsfor the book about mallets
19.05.2017Baden /CHsolo concert Aperghis,André,Eimermacher,Tsangaris
08.05.2017Freiburgimpro concertKimmig, Studer, Schranz , Zimmerlin
01.05.2017Zürichimpro concert Kimmig,Zimmerlin,Studer
29.04.2017Portoconcerto by Birtwistle panic sax-M. Weiss &perc solo with orchestra of Porto-Brönnimann
24.04.2017Basel Gare du nordconcert piece by Eimermacher,Ronchetti and Andresolo
10.-14.04.2017CologneCd Production wit pieces by Clementi Dohmen,Schütttrio accanto
03.-07.04.2017FreiburgKlassenarbeit with composer studentsensemble recherche
29.03.-02.04.20Madridworkshop, masterclass and concertsolo and trio with C.Dejardins and L.Dow
28.04.2017Bilbaoconcert piece by Pareja, Czernowin and Staudensemble recherche
21.03.2017Basel Jazzcampussilent film projectGünther Buchwald and others
15.03.2017BAsel Hochschuleworkshop with Jean Pierre Drouetstudent program
18./19.03.2017freiburg Ensemblehauschildren concert Max und Juleensemble recherche
14.03.2017Stuttgart concert piece by Hobanensemble recherche
08.03.2017Bamberg Villa Concordiaconcert pieces by Hanna Eimermachersolo and trio with Eva Bösch and Marie S
06.03.2017Elbphilharmonie Hamburgconcert pieces by Feldmanensemble recherche
10.-22.02.2017Graz Impuls academymasterclass and concerts solo and to accanto
0.02.2017Basel Hochschulepercussion ensemble concert pieces by Steen Anderspercussion ensemble Hochschule Basel
27.01.2017Freiburg Aboconcert pieces by Holliger and Madsonensemble recherche
21.01.2017Berlin Ultraschallconcert with pieces by Madsen, Claren and Renquistensemble recherchewith Lena Willmark
15.01.2017Basel HochschuleWorkshop with Pierre Favre
14./15.01.2017Freiburg workshop with students from Bernensemble eecherche
18.01.2017BAsel Hochschulestudent concert
13.01.2017Zürichconcert with pieces by Clementi,Schüttler, Prins atrio accanto
19.12.2016Baden BadenCd production of a piece by Johannes M.Staudensemble recherche
10.12.2016Luxemburg Philharmonierainy days concertensemble recherche
01.12.2016Genevaconcert Alberto Ginastera cantata america magiastudents of the classes Basel and Geneva
01.12.2016Basel gare du nordconcert Alberto Ginastera cantata america magiastudents of the classes Basel and Geneva
29.11.2016Freiburg Aboconcertensemble recherche
17.-27.11.2016Eindhovenjury in Tromp competition 2016
15.11.2016Pragueconcert Hans Abrahamsenensemble recherche
11.11.2016Freiburg EnsemblehausKlassenarbeit young composer students from Antwerpensemble recherche
05.11.2016Freiburg CD production with a pieces by Lucia Ronchettisolo
29.10.2016Leuven festivalconcert with pieces by Aperghis,Prins , Schöllhorntrio accanto
24.10.2017Bamberg Villa Concordiaconcert with pieces by Lucia Ronchettisolo
20.10.2016FreiburgAbo concert ensemble recherche
16.10.2016Donaueschingen new works by Hoban,Alesandrini,Ablinger and Smolkaensemble recherche
05.10.2016festival musica Straßburgconcert with pieces by Dufourt , Hurellensemble recherche
25.-27.08.2016Baden BadenDufourt -cd production ensmble recherche
18.09.2016Freiburgchildren project Kugelbahnpupils from 4b of the KKS
14.08.2016Darmstadt international summer courseremake of concert of the 8th(Ciciliani Sarhan,Aperparticipants
13.08.2016Darmstadt international summer courseConcerto "Air" by Lachenmann HR OrchestraSolo with conductor Lucas Viss
12.08.2016Darmstadt international summer courseCall project new pieces by participantsparticipants
08.08.2016Darmstadt international summer courseconcert with pieces by Filidei,Sarhan,Aperghis,Löf Lang and Wood, participant concert
30.07.2016Darmstadt Ferienkurseconcert with new pieces by Andre& Eimermachersolo
29.-15.08.2016Darmstadt international summer coursemasterclass and concertswith Hakon Stene and 31 percussionists
24.07.2016Freiburg theaterchildren concert "Kugelbahn" Klong festivalEisbären of the Karolin Kaspar school
05.-10.07.2016Vitassari new music festivalconcert with pieces Andre,Billone,Zimmermann,Apergtrio acanto and solo
04.07.2016freiburg EnsemblehausCD production with a piece by Hudryensemble recherche
03.07.2016Freiburg EnsemblehausCD production with a piece by Djordjevicensemble recherche
17.06.2016Mannheimensemble recherche concert piece by Claren
05.05.2016Arlesheimconcert stone percussion ensemble pieces by Zhao,Lang,Pacheco,Frank
05.-15.05.2016Boston Harvard UniversityMasterclass and concertsensemble recherche
12.05.2016Freiburg Aboensemble recherche concert piece from Hurell
05.-07.05.2016Madridmasterclass in the Katarina Gurska conservatory
02.05.2016Münchenensemble recherche concert -Siemens price concertworks by Nogard,Kampe,Djordevic,Hudry
30.04.2016Barcelonaensemble recherche concert pieces by Abrahamsen
25.04.2016Basel Hochschulepercussion class concertstudents
23.04.2016Witten days for new chamber musicensemble recherche concert with premiere byDufourt
12.04.2016Basel Hochschulepercussion class concertstudent activity
04.04.2016Zürichimprovisation concert with Kimmig, Studer , Zimmerlin and Schranz
02.04.2016Freiburg Ensemblehaussolo by Sciarrinosolo /ensemble recherche
30.03.2016Darmstadtsolo concert with nearly no instruments pieces by Tsangaris,Globokar, Aperghis
17.03.2016Basel Hochschulestudent concert with Sciarrino quartet and solostudent activity
09.03.2016Freiburg Abosolo by Donghoon ShinSolo /ensemble recherche
05.03.2016Donaueschingen pieces by Hurell,Staudensemble recherche
23.02.2016Freiburg Ensemblehauschildren concertensemble recherche
22.02.2016Freiburg Ensemblehauschildren concertensemble recherche
09.02.2016Freiburg Abosolo by Velli Matti Pumula,UA and duoensemble recherche
07.02.2016Stuttgart Eclat Festivaldouble concerto by Rebecca SaundersSWR orchestra with Dirk Rothbrust
22.-25.01.2016BostonTromp repertory days concert and masterclasssolo with Marinissen ,Zeltsman and Ilaw
18.01.2016Luxemburg Philharmonieconcert with pieces by Feldmanensemble recherche
16.01.2016Freiburgsolo concert ART`s birthday Aperghis/Schnebelsolo
15.01.2016Basel Tinguely museumconcert on festival Mizmorimthe percussion class Basel /Trossingen
10.01.2016Baselconcert Scelsi Festivalwith percussion students from Basel
06.-09.01.2016Stuttgart recording new CD with works by Aperghis,Riehm Prins and Schöllhorn by trio accanto

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